K&L GATES LONDON, United Kingdom Featuring spacious rooms, vast window elements and classic, timeless colour palettes, the entire architecture of the K&L Gates office stands for transparency, openness and refined subtlety.


Sitevision Örebro, Sweden Bold shades, colourful furniture and offbeat decorative elements underpin the room concept at SITEVISION.


Spiegelkantine – MUSEUM OF ART AND DESIGN Hamburg, Germany The Spiegelkantine is a work by the world-famous designer Verner Panton, who furnished this space with furniture, lights, wall-mounted objects, curtains, ceiling cassettes and carpets he designed himself.


Skype Stockholm, Sweden Bright, open room concepts are made all the more effective by bright, welcoming colours. In this way, the floor covering is subordinate to the interior design and merely provides a few extra touches here and there.


It’s only ever about the room. The building. And its specific character. What does it do? What is it for? Who lives there? Who works there? What is its structure: concrete, glass, brickwork? Does it feature high ceilings? Long corridors? And how does the architecture influence the space? No matter how the rooms are furnished, we provide the textile floor coverings you need. Woven, tufted and boasting deluxe borders. Sustainable. Individual. Made in Germany – carpets and free-form tiles from Vorwerk flooring.

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Choose the colour, texture and sound insulation you need. Find the Vorwerk tiles, broadloom and overlock carpets that are perfect for your building. Encompassing all comfort levels, fire protection classes and wear scenarios, our product finder guides you to your ideal floor covering in just a few clicks. 



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Most textile floor coverings are grey, black or beige. But you have the power to change that. Vorwerk flooring is the partner that architects, planners, designers, installers and dealers come to when they need high-quality textile floor coverings. While our range covers just about every eventuality, we’re always ready to think outside the box.

We offer an almost unlimited variety of design options in terms of colour, shape, texture, design, feel, look, wear resistance and fire protection. If you still can’t find the floor covering you want, we’ll develop it for you ourselves. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.