Vorwerk flooring presented its new SL SONIC (freeform) tile line-up at the start of the year – ensuring a maximum of modularity and individuality, as well as a high standard in the area of acoustics and durability never seen before. To offer its customers the cherry on top, the company has now made an online tile configurator available which makes the millions of possibilities an experience on the Web too.

optimal product presentation on the internet: the online tile configurator from vorwerk.

Vorwerk flooring is focusing particularly on the new line-up of freeform tiles for the worldwide market of commercial building spaces. Thanks to their combination of the best acoustic rates and the highest durability, these tiles are setting new standards on the market. For this reason, the company is offering a new, exciting brand tool that explains the huge spectrum of possibilities in a way that is easy to understand and offers customers a lot of room for creativity. After the company completely reworked its website in October 2018, the new tile line-up is now also being optimally presented on the Internet.

The new online tile configurator gives the user the possibility to select their tile form, their favourite installation pattern and, of course, their very own colour combination – playfully, with just a few clicks. Once the desired flooring pattern has been created, an image of it can be saved and then compared with other flooring designs, before the favourite is then downloaded as a CAD file. Of course, patterns and a list of materials can be ordered directly too. Via a ticket system, the user can even generate a code which they can then forward and thus enable other persons to make changes to the flooring design.

The tile configurator is available without the need for registration at:

optics. haptics. acoustics. the new sonic tile line-up from vorwerk flooring.

The new range of acoustic tiles from Vorwerk flooring offers the highest standard of modularity. Under the banner “When ten tile forms make millions of possibilities possible”, the company is now offering ten new
SL SONIC tiles in the standard format as well as in exciting and novel freeform designs.

Thanks to the modular construction of SL SONIC textile tiles, it is possible to combine very different carpets with one another and thus realise completely new interior design ideas: subtle accents, purposeful zoning or textile floor mosaics with a character that is a true highlight. They offer an extra touch of uniqueness in terms of their optics, haptics and acoustics. At the same time, Vorwerk flooring naturally remains true to its principles and delivering the high-quality and sustainability characteristics of “made in Germany” that customers have come to expect. They likewise set new standards in acoustics and durability.

Sustainability is writ large at Vorwerk flooring. Which is why the surfaces of some SL tiles are made of special yarns (fibres from ECONYL®). These are produced from 100% recycled material (e.g. plastic particles reclaimed from the world’s oceans).

Moreover, when it comes to the backing, attention is paid to ensuring no materials are used which could emit harmful emissions to the air. Thus, products are free from bitumen or PVC, and yet are extremely stable and feature the use characteristics consumers expect from Vorwerk.

This has the advantage that Vorwerk carpet tiles are odour-neutral. They also significantly reduce the fine dust in rooms, allowing allergy sufferers to breathe easier. As a result, all Vorwerk flooring SL SONIC acoustic tiles are ideal for people with allergies.

unique floor coverings since 1883. Made in germany. Made by Vorwerk.

Vorwerk flooring and its products have stood for a unique mix of superior quality, sustainable innovations and global award-winning design since 1883. For more than 130 years, millions of satisfied customers have been enjoying products from this traditional German manufacturer in their homes and offices. At the same time, Vorwerk has continually redefined the limits of floor coverings to offer products whose style and quality never go out of fashion even after many years. Product development, production and quality assurance take place at headquarters in Hameln, Germany, and guarantee that the all-encompassing brand promise of “It’s a Vorwerk!” is kept thanks to perfect performance.

When millions of possibilities make millions of wishes possible.

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