Vorwerk flooring takes yet another step. Following the launch of a broad palette of products for commercial buildings, the company is going further this autumn to launch 16 new home products on the market. Under the name Best of Living Collection, the new home products feature the high quality homeowners expect: trendy colours, a recommendation for allergy sufferers, and a range of optical highlights complemented by special haptics. Available as broadloom, stitched or deluxe carpet, the Best of Living brings textile floor coverings back to the home – and amazes with a host of benefits.

simply beautiful and recommended for allergy sufferers.

The new Best of Living Collection from the house of Vorwerk is now here. Made of the highest quality, the 16 new home products from the tradition-rich company are precisely the floor coverings homeowners need to turn any house or flat into a cosy home. With the look they desire. With the haptics that make for a good feeling. In colours which amaze. The aim of this collection is – in line with the motto “Millions of possibilities” – to offer simply beautiful floor coverings for everyone and which are perfect for people with allergies. The trio “quality, innovation and design”, which has made Vorwerk products so unique for more than 130 years, continually served as the standard during the development of the new products.

when typical bias proves to be nothing but benefits.

Many people cannot smell carpet flooring – simply because it does not smell. Many believe carpet flooring is not healthy and definitely not suitable for people with allergies. And then there are those who fear time-consuming maintenance. Not to forget about those who think carpet flooring is “out”. None of this is true – and Vorwerk is happy to prove this with its new collection.


Vorwerk carpet flooring is recommended for allergy sufferers:

Whether in studies performed by the German Allergy Sufferers and Asthma Association (DAAB) or proven in specialist medical publications – Vorwerk carpet flooring reduces the level of fine dust particles in living spaces and other enclosed rooms by up to 50 per cent. This can also be seen in the Life Balance Label, which likewise proves that all Vorwerk carpets have been tested for harmful substances. Allergy sufferers can therefore take a deep breath, without a worry.


Vorwerk carpets are easy to care for:

Indeed, routine vacuuming with a high-power vacuum cleaner is nearly all that is required in care. Should the carpet get a spot for whatever reason, Vorwerk flooring gives owners good tips on how to remove it in the company’s cleaning and care recommendations.


Vorwerk carpets do not smell:

The company completely avoids the use of materials such as bitumen, PVC or harmful substances at all time. For this reason, one could say: It’s a Vorwerk, when it does not smell like carpet.


Vorwerk carpets are “in” – ever since 1883:

More design than with Vorwerk flooring is just not possible. Each carpet is available in a virtually unlimited number of colours – ensuring there is just the right colour for every taste, with the right haptics and perfect optics.

the products of the BEST OF LIVING collection in detail.

When creating the line-up of the Best of Living products, the company remained true to its product logic, consisting of three product lines and three style worlds. The three product lines ESSENTIAL LINE, SUPERIOR LINE and EXCLUSIVE LINE offer various quality standards for the products, while the three style worlds NATURE Design, CLASSIC Design and ART Design embody contemporary colour worlds in which everyone can find the best colour for them.


The new collection consists of two carpets from the EXCLUSIVE LINE, ten carpets from the SUPERIOR LINE and four carpets from the ESSENTIAL LINE.

Best of living: also available as stitched or deluxe carpet.

In addition to classic broadloom, the 16 new Best of Living carpets are also available as stitched or deluxe carpets. For these two variants, homeowners can customise the size of the carpet personally. They can choose to have a matching stitching around the carpet’s edge or to customise the stitching colour, or to have a beautiful edgeless carpet featuring a wrap-around border with the deluxe variant.

For more information about the new Best of Living Collection for the home, as well as photos for downloading, please visit our website.

unique floor coverings since 1883. Made in germany. Made by Vorwerk.

Vorwerk flooring and its products have stood for a unique mix of superior quality, sustainable innovations and global award-winning design since 1883. For more than 130 years, millions of satisfied customers have been enjoying products from this traditional German manufacturer in their homes and offices. At the same time, Vorwerk has continually redefined the limits of floor coverings to offer products whose style and quality never go out of fashion even after many years. Product development, production and quality assurance take place at headquarters in Hameln, Germany, and guarantee that the all-encompassing brand promise of “It’s a Vorwerk!” is kept thanks to perfect performance.

When millions of possibilities make millions of wishes possible.


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