RE/COVER green Parts MARK

RE/COVER green Parts MARK

RE/COVER green Parts MARK

  1. Idea/Impulse/Trend: Vintage oak alienated /Look of old wood

    Décor description: Rustic oak structure with visible marrow rays, with light and dark areas (as if burned by the sun), with traces of processing. Surface nevertheless appears soft and homogeneous, not rough, not too brute to be noble.

    Colouring: intense, strong colours as well as naturally warm and bright

    Surface: brushed pine with strong 3D effect

    Size: 20 x 120 cm

Pile material:
Formats: 20 x 120 cm
Usage:no informations
Total thickness:ca. 2.5 mm
Pile weight:ca. g/m²
Total weight:ca. 3900 g/m²
Fire behavior:Cfl
Style world:
Delivery promise: keine Angaben (20 x 120 cm)

Individual, sustainable, top quality, made in Germany: floor coverings from Vorwerk flooring are a cut above. We offer a wide variety of carpeting and free-form tiles with the specific feel, colour and durability you need here.

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