1. The surface of this fine, heavy Saxony­style carpet amazes with its expressive pinpoint pattern and highly robust structure.

  2. To achieve this, it combines high comfort with the highest durability, a stable and comfortable grip as well as a diverse world of colours.

  3. This means appearance, quality and durability are united with one another at the highest level, as proven by the CE and GUT seals of approval

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Construction: 1/10" Saxony
Pile material:100% Polyamide (PA) 6
Usage:Commercial 'intensive'
Number of tufts:ca. 2449/dm²
Total thickness:ca. 7 mm
Pile weight:ca. 1050 g/m²
Total weight:ca. 1780 g/m²
Fire behavior:Bfl
Sound absorption:0.2 NRC

Seals of approval

GUT-Siegel A+ DGNB LEED Life Balance

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