Best of Living. The new home collection from Vorwerk Flooring.

Trendy colours, visual and haptical highlights and a recommendation for allergy sufferers. These are the new Best of Living products from Vorwerk Flooring.

Best of Living. Wall-to-Wall solutions.

For all lovers of textile floorings Vorwerk Flooring offers all of its new Best of Living products as broadloom for a full-area installation in the room.

Best of Living. Stitched carpet.

In addition to classic broadloom, the 16 new Best of Living carpets are also available as stitched carpets. Homeowners can customise the size of the carpet personally. They can choose to have a matching stitching around the carpet’s edge or to customise the stitching colour.

Best of Living. Deluxe carpet.

The deluxe carpet is a collection highlight, where homeowners can customise the size of the carpet personally. For the intensive, voluminous look, the edges are turned over and the back is hand-lined with a thick felt - for more comfort and cosiness.

Best of Living. The whole collection at a glance.

Discover all the colours and qualities of our new Best of Living collection in one sample case. 

Because it's simply beautiful - and recommended for allergy sufferers.

The all new Best of Living collection by Vorwerk flooring. 16 brandnew products for living in the accustomed Vorwerk quality "made in Germany", that will turn any house and any apartement into a cozy home. With the wanted look, the haptics you feel comfortable with, available in colours that truly excite. Simply beautiful floorings in "millions of possibilities" - and recommended for allergy sufferers.

When typical prejudices turn out to be straightforward benefits.

Fitted carpets get up many people's noses - because they smell. Some people think that fitted carpets are not good for your health and definitely not suitable for allergy sufferers. Then there are some who worry about the high level of care required. And finally there are those who think that carpets are "out". None of this is true - and Vorwerk is happy to provide proof:

Vorwerk carpets are recommended for allergy sufferers

Whether in studies by the DAAB (Deutscher Allergiker. und Asthmabund) or in specialist medical books. Because a Vorwerk will reduce fine dust in living areas by up to 50%. This is documented by our Vorwerk Life Balance Label. So allerfy sufferers can take a deep breath.

Vorwerk are easy to care for

Regular vacuuming with a high-performance vacuum cleaner will in fact do most of the work. And if sometimes it does need a bit more than that, the Vorwerk cleaning and care recommendations will help.


Vorwerk carpets are odour-free

In manufacture, we completely dispense with bitumen, PVC or health-endangering materials. There it is, freshly laid: feel great and check it out.

Vorwerk carpets are "in" - since 1883

You can't have better design. We offer the styles in countless colours that give you a million options to make millions of wishes possible.

We would like to introduce you to our Best of Living collection in person.

Although it is well known that pictures say more than 1000 words, we are pleased to introduce you to our collection with all its qualities and a wide range of colours. Convince yourself of the high Vorwerk quality.

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