IT'S A VORWERK! When 10 tile shapes mean millions of possibilities.

The new Sonic tiles from Vorwerk are available in four standard rectangular forms and in six exciting free-forms. By offering a unique toolkit of various element sizes, carpet and weave types, plus a sheer inexhaustible design palette from the style worlds NATURE | Design, CLASSIC | Design and ART | Design. Because the Vorwerk line-up begins where others end.

Millions of possibilities with the new SL SONIC carpet tiles.

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10 tile shapes for your individual solution.

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The new stable acoustic tile with a self-adhesive heavy coating is a true highlight for the eye, for the ear and even for the airways. That’s because it significantly binds fine dust particles and is, thanks to its special textile backing without bitumen or PVC, completely odour-neutral. At the same time, it lowers the impact noise level by up to 35 dB, reduces reverberation time by up to 40% compared to hard flooring, and sets new standards in terms of aesthetics and feel – for unique design options in commercial building spaces.



In our tile card we combine the highest durability with the best acoustic values. And that already with more than 120 colours from 3 packaging units. Whether as a standard tile 50/50 or in one of our 9 free forms, you can order our standard tiles and our free form tiles in many colours from 3 packaging units. Please click on the link below to see all colours available from 3 packaging units.

Download our tile card as a pdf

If you are looking for additional colours or articles for tiles.

You will find the complete tile assortment - as stock goods or as contract manufacturing - in our tile brochure. On 124 pages you will learn everything

- about the available 10 tile shapes

- about the 16 different structures

- over the more than 260 colours.

- and a lot of pictorial inspirations. Just click here to download. 

Download our tile brochure

A modern floor covering is no longer just beautiful – it is also functional.

The new acoustic tiles from Vorwerk not only satisfy the highest standards in design – they also set a new standard when it comes to functionality. With an impact noise reduction of up to 40 dB, the best sound absorption rating and a reduction in reverberation time of up to 40%, as well as a significant binding of fine dust particles for people with allergies, and without materials that could harm the air or which smell of new carpet, Vorwerk is re-defining acoustic tiles. Standards are being set in terms of aesthetics and feel, with the high stability and the use characteristics you’ve come to expect and know from Vorwerk. For new, unique design options in ommercial 




Optimal acoustical attributes thanks to noiseabsorbent product construction

(1) High-quality brand-name polyamide

(2) Stable tuft carrier

(3) coaTEX (polyolefin heavy coating)

(4) Sound-absorbing fleece made of 100% recycled material

(5)Comfort backing (highly dense, calendered, stable fleece backing made of 100% recycled material)





The new Vorwerk SL SONIC carpet tiles - acousticly good and better in general.

Textile floorings have never been this beautiful AND robust, this highly functional AND environmentally friendly, this acousticly cushioning AND highly resilient. This is where the new tiles collection by Vorwerk opens up a new world - download our fact sheet about acoustics here.

New: The online tiles configurator by Vorwerk.

The Vorwerk Tile Configurator enables the playful creation of individual tile combinations online. Wuth 10 different tile shapes, 6 predefined laying patterns, which consist of 2, 3 or 4 colors and gives a choice of 300 colors, the tile configurator means millions of possibilities for your floor design.

It's a Vorwerk! When you can experience millions of possibilities online.

To the tiles configurator.

It's a Vorwerk! When 10 tile shapes mean millions of possibilities.

It's a Vorwerk! When the choice of colours is nearly infinite.

It's a Vorwerk! When it gets hard to make a decision.

Get inspired.

The tile patterns below give a direct and easy start in your very own configuration. Just choose your favourite pattern and edit it by klicking on it.

Your tile pattern is already ready!

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Tips and tricks for the Tile Configurator

In some short videos we will help you to discover all the functions of the tiles configurator as well as how you get to your favourite tile pattern easily. Find the videos here.