Tips and tricks for the Tile Configurator

In the short videos below, we explain the various options and functions of the Tile Configurator.

The selection area in the menu bar above

By clicking on the button"Design the floor" or "Select product" you will be taken to the selection window, where you can create your desired tile combination out of millions of possibilities.


Different room situations are available to prove your tile combination.


The function bar on the right edge of the screen

On the right side of the screen a variety of functions are housed. In short videos, we will explain each function and show you what you can do there. We go through the functions from top to bottom.


Here we show you how a created tile combination is added to your favourite list.


With the data files from our CAD service you can transfer your tile combination in your visualization software.


After clicking on the "Compare" button, you can place two tile combinations in the same room situation next to each other and compare them by using the slider.


With the print function you can create a printout of the shown tile combination.


Here you can download the shown tile combination as a JPG-file.


With the ticket function you can save your tile combination / favourite list permanently with a code. You can also use this ticket code to give other people access to your favourite list.


A click that brings you closer to the products


If you have any questions or requests, we are happy to assist you.

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