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Vorwerk is the place to come for high-quality floor coverings made in Germany. Explore our range of textile floor coverings, including broadloom, tiles and overlock carpets. As if that weren’t enough, we also offer a terrific selection of hard floor coverings.

Textile floor coverings

From colour and texture to sound insulation, find the perfect carpets and tiles for your building. Encompassing all comfort levels, fire protection classes and wear scenarios, our product finder guides you to your ideal floor covering in just a few clicks.


Organic floor coverings

Unique designs. 100% sustainable production. Vorwerk RE/COVER organic floors are available in a variety of plank formats.



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Vorwerk technologies

Vorwerk tuft technology

The textile floor coverings produced using this technology include broadloom carpeting with a width of 4 m (sometimes 5 m), a comprehensive selection of 50×50 cm tiles and a variety of free-form tiles. We also produce overlock carpets in all sizes. All tuft products from Vorwerk are bitumen-free. In addition to the existing range, we also develop customised tufted floor coverings measuring 400 m² or more.

Tuft products

Vorwerk weave technology

Weaving has remained the most sophisticated and high-quality method of producing carpets for hundreds of years. Woven carpets from Vorwerk are particularly essential in commercial buildings thanks to their outstanding quality, remarkable durability and long service life. Vorwerk has made continuous enhancements to its weave technology for over 120 years, using unique and innovative weaving techniques to create a constant stream of trailblazing features. The weave range from Vorwerk includes broadloom with a width of 2 m and 4 m, plus 50×50 cm and 60×60 cm tiles. All weave products are made without the use of bitumen. In addition to the colours and designs featured in the collection, we also develop customised weave products to match your design ideas in sizes of 200 m² or more.

Weave products