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Customised floor coverings from Vorwerk flooring.

Vorwerk flooring ONE. Every bit as unique as your project

A product is only as good as it is suitable for requirements, and textile floor coverings are no exception. That’s why Vorwerk flooring offers customised solutions where nothing else will do. Enjoy the perfect made-to-measure textile floor covering for your project with Vorwerk flooring ONE.

New colour. New design. This is ONE

Vorwerk flooring’s brand range includes more than 60 high-quality textile floor coverings in over 1,200 colours, from broadloom and tiles to tuft and weave technology. All our textile floor coverings feature outstanding design and construction as well as next-level performance characteristics. Maximum acoustic properties, durability against dirt and sheer resilience (e.g. preventing the formation of worn-out lanes) are all criteria that play a decisive role in a wide variety of application areas, such as entrance halls, walking routes, long-stay zones and work zones. 

ONE delivers the characteristics of an existing product and enables you to add a customer-specific twist in line with your individual colour and design requirements – starting from as little as 250 m² for woven products and 400 m² for tufted products. The ONE system has already generated a whole host of customised solutions to meet an array of individual requirements.

New colour. New design. New construction. A new product. This is ONEproject.

For individual project requirements that extend beyond the scope of ‘ONE’, we offer pure product development as part of ‘ONEproject’. We use the key data on product characteristics to develop your textile floor covering on an order-specific basis. Vorwerk flooring product development not only takes account of colour, design and formatting requirements, but also works with you to develop a new Vorwerk floor covering from the ground up. Given the ever-increasing requirements relating to sustainability, we also consider this aspect when selecting the materials to be used.


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