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Featuring top acoustic values, recommended for allergy sufferers and boasting millions of design options, Vorwerk carpets are the best floor covering for office spaces.

The best floor covering for office spaces

Choosing the perfect floor covering for an office building is about more than just visual factors. Room acoustics, atmosphere and a long service life are also crucial to pinpointing the ideal solution for a particular setting. Thanks to our years of experience in the production of floor coverings and our many completed projects, we know exactly what to focus on when determining which floor is best for your office and your needs.

Boosting productivity and well-being

As it absorbs the sound of footsteps and reduces noise in general, carpeting is predestined for use in open-plan offices, corridors, conference rooms and individual offices. And as it successfully suppresses dust and pollen, it is a breath of fresh air for allergy sufferers everywhere. Textile floor coverings also offer outstanding variety, including millions of options from wall-to-wall solutions and overlock carpets through to area-specific or full-scale installation of textile tiles.


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