Tufted carpet as velour (=cut) or loop.

Tufted carpets are the modern way of production.

Tufting was developed in the USA at the end of the 1950s. In this process, the so-called pile yarn is looped into a mostly synthetic backing fabric or fleece according to the sewing machine principle, but with many hundreds of needles at the same time.

The cut pole

Here, pile naps are cut open during production. Variations in structuring are possible by changing the fineness of the yarn, by the type of yarn (filament or fibre yarn), by its composition (single/ multiple yarn or twisted) and by the height of the pile layer.

Product overview

#LOOP - The loop

The loop pole

The name stands for the structure of the pile layer, it consists exclusively of loops. The targeted use of the technical and aesthetic possibilities of the yarns and the diversification of the construction standards open up numerous possibilities for variation. Different optical effects are achieved by loops of different fineness, different heights, by loops in different shapes and with different densities.

Product overview

Vorwerk tufting technology

The textile floor coverings produced in this technology include broadloom carpets in 4m and partly 5m widths as well as an extensive range of 50×50 cm tiles and many free form carpet tiles. In addition, we produce cut-to-size carpets in all sizes. All Vorwerk tuft products are manufactured without bitumen. In addition to the existing range, we offer individualised development for tufted floor coverings from a production of 400 m².

Tufted products