ICE 4 - the high-speed train in GermanySupplier for over 30 years

Since the very beginning of the ICE history, Vorwerk flooring is part of it as a supplier for carpet. Roundabout half a million squaremetres have been delivered and fixed into ICEs over the past 30 years. Next to us delivering the carpet for decades, the Deutsche Bahn also kept it‘s „line“ within the design. Straight-line, elegant and constant.

Working with the Texback Spezial coating and the Vorwerk Ecofix velcro tape, the Deutsche Bahn can easily change damaged parts of the carpet as the hook and loop system works perfectly. Saves time, is easy to install and sustainable, as it can stay in there for 2-3 changing periods.

Producer: Siemens Mobility/Alstom


Varia Design Train TS


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Varia Design Train TS in a customised design

Fixing: Ecofix (Hook & Loop tape) with Texback Spezial backing

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