ASSMANN ShowroomVorwerk® carpets and carpet tiles emphasise the different communication and work zones and at the same time provide sufficient sound insulation.

Inviting reception and waiting areas, creativity-promoting work and communication zones, relaxing lounge areas or ergonomic home office furnishings - everyone will find a suitable solution in the Assmann showroom in Nordenstadt.
Vorwerk® carpets and carpet tiles underline the different zoning and at the same time provide the right sound insulation. On an area of 160 sqm, mainly Frisea was laid as SL acoustic tiles. Additional SL acoustic tiles of the article Elara loosen up the floor design in terms of colour. In the second area of the showroom, custom-made carpets give the reception and waiting areas a cosy atmosphere.


Frisea SL Sonic

Elara SL Sonic


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SL acoustic tiles of the articles FRISEA and ELARA as well as fitted rugsof the article ELARA

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