EXCLUSIVE 1015: Powerful accent in any room.

EXCLUSIVE 1015 from Vorwerk is a hard flooring which feels surprisingly like textile. With its extraordinary structures and iridescent 3D effects, it amazes the eye. Dark base material and a contrasting surface have been woven together ingeniously – to create a unique look, which lends this product its special character. The innovative weaving technique and an exciting interplay of yarn and design combinations come together to make EXCLUSIVE 1015 an extremely high-quality product that sets new standards in interior design for commercial buildings.

exceptionally robust and impressively diverse.

The exciting surface effects are created by a skilled interplay of a basic float texture, double cut and purposely integrated low pile. High-quality, brand-name polyamide fibres stand up against all kinds of wear and tear for many years, in an especially resource-conscious way. A portion of the standard material is made of recycled SD yarn which is dyed during the spinning process in order to save an energy-intensive processing step. With a view of protecting people and the environment, the use of latex is completely eliminated.

EXCLUSIVE 1015 is available in various designs and patterns: sleek and reserved or optically offbeat. The colours have been chosen to cater to fans of timeless hues, from the CLASSIC | Design style world, in grey, blue, brown and anthracite tones. The style world ART | Design offers avant-garde-like and lively rose, pink, yellow and aqua colours. In the style world NATURE | Design, warm green, brown, red and yellow colours round out the palette for people seeking natural moments of comfort. Depending on the colour and design selection, EXCLUSIVE 1015 carpets lend the interior design a subtle, elegant stage with a special visual thrill – or the floor itself becomes a spectacular eye-catcher in the room. A powerful accent providing a star-studded performance.

With the special construction design and the design capabilities of EXCLUSIVE 1015, Vorwerk is underscoring the company’s standard in providing innovation. The slogan “It’s a Vowerk!” stands for flooring with a high standard in quality, not for mass-produced carpet.

EXCLUSIVE 1015 is available in broadloom with a width of 200 cm. Five eco labels prove that Vorwerk keeps its promise of sustainability: CE, Life Balance, Green Label Plus, GUT, and Bestnote A+ for low room emissions (VOC).


Exclusivity is writ large in this product line. When it comes to material, craftsmanship and comfort, the absolutely highest standards set the tone in the EXCLUSIVE range. Special yarns come together to create exceptional colour worlds, textures and structures. Comfort is outstanding. With the carpets from the Vorwerk flooring EXCLUSIVE LINE, the most offbeat customer wishes can be satisfied, with a design and product quality which are in a class of their own. Carpet as a lifestyle product and as an expression of one’s own individuality – that is the Vorwerk flooring EXCLUSIVE LINE. Products of this line are normally available in 25 colours.

the new product RANGE: very easy!

The Vorwerk flooring EXCLUSIVE LINE is part of the brand range, which consists of “3 product lines. 3 style worlds. Millions of possibilities”. In addition to the Vorwerk flooring EXCLUSIVE LINE, the company offers products in the Vorwerk flooring SUPERIOR LINE and the Vorwerk flooring ESSENTIAL LINE. These product lines vary in their manufacturing process, material quality and durability, as well as in their selection of designs and colours – for high, higher and the highest standards. Additionally, three different style worlds are provided: NATURE | Design, CLASSIC | Design and ART | Design. Each features a combination of their own patterns and textures. In this way, millions of combination options are available – ensuring every individual customer desire is satisfied.

unique floor coverings since 1883. Made in germany. Made by Vorwerk.

Vorwerk flooring and its products have stood for a unique mix of superior quality, sustainable innovations and global award-winning design since 1883. For more than 130 years, millions of satisfied customers have been enjoying products from this traditional German manufacturer in their homes and offices. At the same time, Vorwerk has continually redefined the limits of floor coverings to offer products whose style and quality never go out of fashion even after many years. Product development, production and quality assurance take place at headquarters in Hameln, Germany, and guarantee that the all-encompassing brand promise of “It’s a Vorwerk!” is kept thanks to perfect performance.

When millions of possibilities make millions of wishes possible.

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