Superior 1012 Frisea

It’s a Superior 1012!
When it makes a groomed appearance at all times.

It’s a Superior 1012! When it makes a groomed appearance at all times.

  1. Thanks to its high-quality, brand-name polyamide fibres, the multi-coloured frieze velours provides pleasant comfort and highest durability.

  2. It is extremely long-lasting, robust and easy to care for, making it especially ideal for high-traffic building spaces. It continually provides a groomed appearance, as its multi-colouring grants it characteristics that perfectly hide grime.

  3. The dimensionally stable, bitumen and PVC-free acoustics tile, with significantly enhanced sound absorption and acoustic values, sets new standards in the market.

Color overview at a glance

Construction: 5/64“ Tufted velours, frisé, intermingled
Pile material:100% PA 6.6
Formats: 400 cm, Kettelteppich
Usage:Commercial 'extreme'
Number of tufts:ca. 2600/dm²
Total thickness:ca. 7 mm
Pile weight:ca. 1000 g/m²
Total weight:ca. 1765 g/m²
Fire behavior:Cfl
Sound absorption:0.2 NRC
Style world:
Nature Design
Availability: Lagerware (400 cm)
Auftragsfertigung (Kettelteppich)

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